Middleware  v2.1.33
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Weart Middleware APP


  • TouchDIVER firmware version: 2.46
    • For device firmware update information see Upgrade Tools section.
  • WEART Dongle firmware: 2.13
    • For dongle firmware update information see Upgrade Tools section.


Desktop tool useful to connect Weart TouchDiver devices and handle communication between augmented haptics experiences and WEART's devices.
After the device is connected, you may minimize Middleware and switch to the experience controlled directly by the application that uses the Weart SDK.

Hardware Requirements

  • WEART device TouchDiver
  • WEART Dongle USB


  • English (US)

What is new ?

  • Update UI look&feel
  • Flag disabled Actuations
  • Visual debugger actuations
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved stability of BLE communication
  • New Finger Tracking
  • Calibration Finger Tracking
  • Calibration device sensors
  • Logs and diagnostics improved for troubleshootings
  • Log sensors raw data
  • Removed dongle drivers
  • Update dongle firmware