weart devices enable tactile communication and augmented multimedia contents.

How it works?

Our products are thought to implement the digitalization of the sense of touch. These devices will augment multimedia contents with a tactile track that will be added to the audio and video ones. 
In particular we are developing two kind of devices that can be seen as microphones and speakers for the sense of touch. They work with a mobile app that allows to record (and then relive) a video augmented with a tactile content.


The first ring (the tactile microphone) records the tactile interactions occurring between the user finger and the surrounding objects and surfaces. 

It is able to record the roughness of touched materials along with stiffness and temperature of grasped objects.


The second device (the tactile speaker) is a double ring that the user wears to relive the augmented multimedia content. 

It is able to reproduce on the user skin the recorded tactile cues. In particular it can reproduce three kind of sensations: forces, textures and temperature changes.



Potential users

The usage of the product could be indicated for different sectors: social media, communication, entertainment, medical, gaming, VR/AR, e-commerce, industrial training.