Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies section, where we dive deep into the world of haptics. Together with our customers and partners, we provide valuable insights and concrete problem-solving scenarios concerning the main applications of our haptic solutions.

Where haptics adds value

> Fashion / Retail

Touching the Future of Fashion: MONOGRID's Metaverse Experience with TouchDIVER

MONOGRID creative studio has developed a Metaverse Experience tailored for the fashion luxury manufacturing hubHolding Moda. TouchDIVER haptic feedback capabilities have allowed final customers to interact with virtual garments and experience the tactile sensations of luxury fabrics at their fingertips.

> Medical

Università La Sapienza leveraging TouchDIVER’s full haptic feedback in Medical Robots

A research group La Sapienza University of Rome adopted the TouchDIVER to deal with surgical robotics platforms that are not easily accessible and within an interactive virtual environment meant for training and planning of medical procedures.


> Teleoperations

IIT’s AMI Lab adopting TouchDIVER for teleoperation applications​

AMI Lab is the Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence laboratory inside the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). The Lab has adopted the TouchDIVER to manipulate the hands of the ergoCub humanoid robot, leveraging full haptic feedback to get a more natural experience during teleoperations.

> Teleoperations

IDSIA USI-SUPSI using TouchDIVER for robotic teleoperation manipulation task

The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA is a joint research institute of both the Faculty of Informatics of the USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana) and the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland). The Institute has adopted TouchDIVER for robotic teleoperation manipulation tasks.

> Digital Arts / Museums

Civic Museums of Monza adopts TouchKEY+ Multisensory tactile solution to experience digitized works of art

For Civic Museums of Monza, we design and install a tactile multisensory station based on TouchKEY+ devices, which replicate shapes, vibrations and thermal sensations associated with selected elements of artworks on the users’ skin.

Our global network of customers

TouchDIVER haptic glove

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TouchDIVER is the only VR haptic glove that co-localizes on fingertips the 3 stimuli influencing touch – force feedback, textures and thermal cues.

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