Haptics in task operation

TouchDIVER Haptic Glove for Operational and Management tasks

In recent years, VR has made waves in task process operations, transforming training, collaboration, data analysis, maintenance, design, and more. More than a usual VR use case, haptics has added value to the user’s experience in VR. In task operations use cases, the combination of VR and haptic gloves like TouchDIVER improves productivity and engagement rates for the final users.

Unique features

A tactile dimension for VR training 

TouchDIVER sets a new standard by balancing accuracy, rich haptic feedback, and user experience. It stands out by combining force, textures, and thermal feedback for a seamless, immersive tactile experience. The glove includes an SDK for integration with major development platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine, and it is compatible with various controllers, such as Meta (Oculus Quest), Pico, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and more ensuring unified tracking across platforms.
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Training and simulation

During training and simulations in healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing industries, professionals can immerse themselves in realistic training environments by leveraging VR simulators and haptic gloves like the TouchDIVER. Pilots can experience the vibrations and feedback associated with different aircraft controls, further improving the effectiveness of their training.

Remote Collaboration

Combining VR and haptic gloves adds a new dimension to remote collaboration in task operations. With the help of TouchDIVER architects and construction professionals can get more precise feedback and make informed decisions, even when physically separated. This haptic feedback enhances engagement and understanding, revolutionizing the remote collaboration experience.

Remote maintenance

Technicians wearing the TouchDIVER visualize complex datasets and equipment and receive haptic feedback while troubleshooting or performing maintenance tasks remotely. This haptic feedback enhances their ability to diagnose issues, make precise adjustments, and ensure proper equipment functionality, even when physically distant.

Ergonomic Design and Workflow optimization

VR and haptic gloves are crucial in optimizing workspaces, workflows, and product ergonomics. Designers can  use the TouchDIVER glove to feel virtual prototypes, assessing virtual products’ comfort, textures, fit, and usability. This capability allows designers to iterate designs for optimal ergonomics and user experiences. By minimizing physical prototyping and accelerating the design process, VR and haptic gloves improve workflow optimization and help deliver products that meet user expectations.

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