haptics in logistics


VR haptic gloves have emerged as an invaluable tool in the field of logistics, providing numerous benefits during the training experience. TouchDIVER offers a remarkable sense of touch and full haptic feedback, enabling workers to interact with virtual objects in an exceptionally realistic and immersive manner. In the realm of logistics training, the device simulates the physical sensations workers would encounter while handling packages, pallets, and other materials.

Haptics in logistics training

Adopting VR haptic gloves in logistics training brings several advantages. They amplify the effectiveness of training as workers can physically sense the objects they handle within the virtual environment. This heightened level of engagement enhances their comprehension of various situations and aids in the development of crucial skills and muscle memory.

TouchDIVER for VR logistics

TouchDIVER glove enables workers to practice their movements and techniques in a secure and controlled environment. They can hone their abilities in handling fragile or delicate items without the risk of damaging actual products. This significantly reduces the potential for accidents or errors during real-world operations. Additionally, VR haptic gloves contribute to cost savings within training programs. By leveraging virtual reality technology, businesses can reduce expenses associated with physical equipment, materials, and space requirements

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