TouchKEY+ Multisensory Solution

An innovative multisensory and immersive solution enabling visually impaired visitors to touch and experience digitized 3D replicas of artworks, featuring TouchKEY+ haptic device.

The key to feel the beauty in art

multisensory station WEART

A multisensory approaach

Aimed at expanding expressive possibilities to describe artworks to visually impaired or blind visitors, our solution enables users to interact with a 3D replica of the artpiece through a multisensory approach. TouchKEY+ devices deliver tactile sensations like shapes, vibrations, and thermal sensations, which are applied to fingertips and are associated with selected elements of the artwork.
Tactile sensations are integrated with custom audio guides providing descriptive texts, which can be activated according to user’s exploration path.

A product for virtual touch experiences 

TouchKEY+ includes a sensor similar to mouses that enables planar interactive fruition of 2D or 3D content. Haptic stimuli are applied dynamically based on the user’s inputs. Recently, we have been using this device for installations in museums and art centers to deliver a digital, dynamic and augmented version of plasters.

touchKEY+ haptic device

A successfull case history

Civic Museums of Monza adopted TouchKEY+ haptic technology within a Multisensory Station to enable visual impaired visitors to explore digitized works of art

A dynamic exploration

Users can zoom and explore the artwork from general to detailed perspectives, without being constrained by a specific reproduction scale. This dynamic, interactive, and incremental approach aims to enhance exploration, enabling users to fully immerse themselves in the artistic experience.
multisensory experience for visually impaired visitors

The advantages for museums

Expand the catalog of accessible works without occupying new spaces or acquiring new equipment

Create accessible content quickly, for example, for temporary exhibitions

– Affordable costs for adding new works to the catalog

Innovative method of experiencing and communicating artworks

Tactically perceive details of the works through digital zoom functionality

– Expansion of expressive possibilities to describe the artwork for visually impaired or blind users

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