TouchDIVER haptic glove enables lifelike interaction in robotics and XR experiences

  • FULL HAPTIC FEEDBACK: TouchDIVER delivers comprehensive haptic stimuli, allowing users to experience  force feedback, textures rendering and even  thermal cues.
  • FINGER TRACKING INTEGRATED: The glove incorporates accurate sensors that  track hand and finger movements, enabling users to interact naturally with virtual objects and environments.
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT: A user-friendly SDK available as plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, allowing easy integration into existing or new projects. We provide APIs in C# and C++ for accessing low-level functions to create highly customized VR applications.

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How TouchDIVER helps research

Examples from our clients and partners

Università La Sapienza di Roma

The research group at the Antonio Ruberti Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering investigates various haptic feedback methods for guiding needle insertion in soft tissues using remote-controlled robots.

XPrize 2022 with University of Nevada

The Robotics team of University of Nevada teams within XPrize 2022 created a humanoid robot and an accompanying system that can be controlled by a person via TouchDIVER haptic glove. 


IDSIA USI-SUPSI provides the user with a natural human-robot interaction interface through TouchDIVER to feel the interactions and enhance the tele-manipulation tasks.

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WEART’s foundation goes back to the meeting of Guido Gioioso and Giovanni Spagnoletti during their Ph.D. studies at the Robotics and Automation Lab at the University of Siena, under the guidance of Prof. Prattichizzo. In 2018, they founded WEART company together with the engineering and industrial partner e-Novia.

One device, three co-localized feedback

Unlock the power of haptics in your research project

Force feedback

Cutaneous force on the fingertip, with high resolution and speed 

Textures rendering

Realistic tactile sensations that closely resemble real-world textures

Thermal feedback

Temperatures range from 15°C to 42°C, with exceptional response time