MONOGRID's Metaverse Experience with TouchDIVER haptic glove for Holding Moda

MONOGRID creative studio has developed a Metaverse Experience tailored for the fashion luxury manufacturing hubHolding Moda. TouchDIVER haptic feedback capabilities have allowed final customers to interact with virtual garments and experience the tactile sensations of luxury fabrics at their fingertips.

Case study



MONOGRID’s customer Holding Moda - a luxury fashion manufacturing hub - wanted to develop a metaverse experience prototype for an event in the operation showrooms to allow visitors to see and touch clothes virtually.


TouchDIVER adoption

TouchDIVER was adopted for its precision in replicating real-world tactile sensations, and more specifically, to allow customers to feel textures like silk, cotton, and leather. The guests at the event had the opportunity to visualize 3D clothes and to touch the characteristics of the various fabrics of three different outfits.

"It bridged the gap between digital and physical worlds"

“TouchDIVER helped us to reach the project’s goals because its haptic feedback capabilities helped us to recreate tactile sensations. This bridged the gap between digital and physical worlds and ensured the users of the Metaverse Experience prototype not only to see but also to feel authentically the garments in the VR, giving them a richer understanding of the quality of garments and craftmanship.” -

David Hartono, Founder and Technical Director of MONOGRID.

Textures Rendering

TouchDIVER features advanced texture rendering techniques to create lifelike tactile sensations resembling real-world textures. It dynamically adjusts tactile signals in real-time based on the user’s hand speed and movement, enhancing the overall realism. To achieve this level of realism, we have developed an extensive tactile library included in SDK with over 20 different materials, allowing developers to generate countless roughness variations using three parameters.


MONOGRID is a multi-disciplinary creative production company at the forefront of technology, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Its mission is to give to brands new key to express their nature and diversity.
TouchDIVER haptic glove


TouchDIVER is the only VR haptic glove that co-localizes on fingertips the 3 stimuli influencing touch – force feedback, textures and thermal cues.

With TouchDIVER, interacting with virtual objects feels as natural as the real thing.