Spreading the impact of Haptic Technology:
Laval Virtual 2024 Recap

weart laval virtual

We are back from the Laval Virtual 2024-  the leading Euroepan event dedicated to immersive technologies –  where we had the chance to join our partner Immersion, expert in virtual and augmented reality which creates immersive and collaborative workspaces.

In the context of prodedural simulations and design validation, haptic feedback has become crucial for enhancing immersion and realism.
On this occasion, visitors had the opportunity to test our TouchDIVER device in a virtual environment, both with PC-Based and Standalone configurations. We have received positive feedback and valuable insights from visitors, who are increasingly adopting haptic technology in final applications for automotive, training and entertainment. Here is a recap of our Laval Virtual experience!

Some feedback from visitors

TouchDIVER has gained recognition for its ability to replicate lifelike interactions in VR environments, from its unique thermal feedback to textures and grasping sensations. Additionally, TouchDIVER has been recognized for its user-friendly structure – featuring a lightweight design, an intuitive software interface, a quick calibration process – besides facilitating natural movements within virtual experiences.

Here are 2 video reviews from content creators Mathieu Dos Santos from “Restez Connectés” YouTube channel and Maxime Vidal, who had the chance to try TouchDIVER and share some feedback: