Cas and chary reviewed TouchDIVER: A Haptic Glove for Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality has come a long way, but there has always been one thing missing from experience – thermals. Being able to feel hot and cold in virtual Reality has been a challenge, but that’s where TouchDIVER comes in. TouchDIVER is a haptic glove for Virtual Reality created by WEART.”

In a recent YouTube video, influencer Casandra from Cas and chary introduced the TouchDIVER glove and explained its unique features.

First, she spoke about the haptic core, which can move up and down for skin indentation and provide hot and cold between 10 and 42 degrees Celsius for each finger. Indeed, she explained that the entire glove could vibrate and combine all these features to reproduce the thermal dispersion characteristics of materials.

She also mentioned about the TouchDIVER’s tracking functionality:
“WEART’s software tracks the wearer’s fingers and can mimic what happens when you slide them at different speeds and ways, reproducing the correct vibration. The glove can also evoke the sensation of textures and force, combining all three pillars of touch. Finally, the glove can produce the sense of different temperatures that would feel when touching objects made from materials such as wood or metal.”

Ultimately, she wrapped up her review by noting, “The TouchDIVER glove is a game-changer in the virtual reality world, adding a new level of realism previously unattainable. The glove’s features and response time make it easy for the wearer to transition from one sensation to another seamlessly. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to take their virtual reality experience to the next level”.

You can check the video to learn more about the full review by Cas and chary.