Pushing the boundaries of Immersive Marketing with Haptic Technologies

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In a nutshell: In this article we explore the advancement of Immersive Marketing through haptic technologies, emphasizing how the sense of touch can empower customer engagement experiences. Also, we show how the integration of our haptic solutions – Haptic Totem and TouchDIVER – into digital content is contributing to the evolving landscape of immersive marketing. 

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Imagine stepping into a virtual showroom where you can interact with products as if they were right in front of you, revolutionizing the way you gather information on products and engage with brands.

This is Immersive Marketing, a marketing strategy that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D design to create engaging and memorable customer experiences. 

But while immersive installations often prioritize visual and audio elements for product information, the sense of touch is commonly overlooked. Integrating touch into these environments can significantly enhance connections with products and brands. Tactile feedback adds a memorable dimension, fostering deeper engagement by appealing to multiple senses and making the overall experience more impactful.

In this article, we explore how haptic technology can push the boundaries of immersiveness in marketing and entertainment experiences.

haptics in immersive marketing

Boosting brand value with VR and AR

From marketing and entertainment to retail and architecture, companies are increasingly investing in immersive installations to increase engagement, brand differentiation, and to convey impactful storytelling or technological showcase.

These can span from 360-degree videos for virtual tours and product demos, projection mapping to create dynamic visuals onto physical objects to 3D audio environment matching visuals or VR/AR content

Related to VR and AR, Forbes has recently published “10 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2024”, where such immersive scenarios are expected to integrate with strategic marketing efforts more deeply and will help to improve the brand value and customer experience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital experiences, the integration of sensory elements has become increasingly critical in creating truly immersive scenarios. However, while visuals and audio have traditionally been used to captivate audiences, the sense of touch has remained an untapped frontier in the context of marketing experiences.
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Creating value to customers with haptics: Haptic Totems and TouchDIVER

Among the innovative solutions contributing to this sensory revolution are Haptic Totem and TouchDIVER. Based on haptic technology, they both provide users with a heightened level of engagement in various settings, such as museums, events, training centers, and branded spaces.

Haptic Totem

Haptic Totem is a haptic solution designed to enhance digital experiences by synchronizing tactile sensations with visuals and audio. They offer a seamless plug-and-play user interface for immersive experiences.

Users feel texture-based vibrations and thermal feedback at their fingertips and palm, thus living a full 2D memorable experience.

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TouchDIVER is the only haptic glove on the market to offer comprehensive haptic feedback, including force, textures, and temperature sensations. With its lightweight design, users can naturally interact with objects and environments during virtual product demonstrations, virtual showrooms and interactive events.