Weart in “Touch. Il futuro a portata di mano” TV show by Rai Play

We are protagonists of the latest episode “Touch – Il futuro a portata di mano”, the TV show by RAI Play focusing on new technologies and trends. In this episode, together with the journalist Noemi Marà, we introduce and explore some use cases of TouchDIVER wearable technology, which provides tactile feedback in virtual and augmented scenarios. Specifically, Noemi had the chance to test herself in a VR medical training environment, but we also showcased industrial training, arts and virtual prototyping applications. With TouchDIVER, interacting with virtual objects feels as natural as the real thing, accelerating learning curves and saving valuable resources and costs. 
We also unveil some behind-the-scenes about how our reality started 5 years ago and about the partnership with E-Novia, co-founder of Weart and crucial to move from prototypes to production.