Touching digital models: How haptic technology enhances VR prototyping

Haptic glove for Virtual prototyping

With the advent of VR technology, virtual prototyping offers immersive experiences for testing and refining digital models. However, physical prototypes retain their importance for their tangible presence and tactile feedback. So, how can we combine virtual and physical prototyping when optimizing the product development process?

Pushing the boundaries of Immersive Marketing with Haptics

haptics in immersive marketing

Imagine stepping into a virtual showroom where you can interact with products as if they were right in front of you, revolutionizing the way you gather information on products and engage with brands. This is Immersive Marketing, a marketing strategy that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D design to create engaging and memorable customer experiences.

Haptics Use Cases for Mixed Reality

haptics in mixed reality

Mixed reality, the fusion of virtual and physical realms, has emerged as a game-changing technology. We have collected some examples of haptic gloves integration into mixed-reality experiences.

5 reasons to integrate haptics in your industrial VR training

TouchDIVER Haptic glove for Industrial Training

VR training’s power lies in replicating real job experiences, and touch, through haptic gloves like TouchDIVER, enhances this simulation. This technology elevates the realism of tasks for trainees in industrial safety and machinery operations, all within safe, risk-free environments.